>> Play minigames, improve the environment and nurture the magical Planet Seed with the help of your alien friends. Restore, revive, craft and share the journey with friends!

>> Bumi: Next stop, Earth! is a mobile game for gamers who are passionate and inspired by the growing environmental movement. It combines the fun and adorable with important climate issues and consists of an expanding selection of minigames and features with an environmental theme in mind.

>> Have fun, learn and contribute to a greener future with Bumi!

>> Bumi centers around a group of adorable aliens who were forced to flee their planet after it was destroyed by environmental destruction. From afar they see Earth and it looks beautifully green and lush, but once they approach, they notice that we are also on the verge of the same fate they suffered. However, they see that there is still hope for us, so they decide to make it their mission to help us rescue our home!


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